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Kunjian company is specialized in the adjustable furniture design, manufacturing and sales. It has now become a specialist in global adjustable chair and sofa manufacturing. As

OEM Adjustable Chairs and Sofas Manufacturers, Suppliers in China

, we are committed to making chairs and sofas interesting and versatile.
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Since its establishment in 2011, the company has focused on the R&D, manufacture and sales of varieties of adjustable furniture including functional chairs, sofas, folding beds, sofa beds and health care series.


We have a strong R&D team. And we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


We have three factories of our own, which are directly sold by manufacturers, with good quality and low price.


We have our own testing lab and QA &QC department,which can ensure the quality of the products.


Our annual output exceeds 1 million units, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchases.


We sincerely provide you with home sofa solutions, and look forward to your consultation.


We are only 50 kilometers away from the Shanghai Port and 48 kilometers away from theTaicang Port ,it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other countries.

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