• Related knowledge of foldable home sofa bed

    Folding sofa selection points (1) The style color is unified with the main color; (2) To ensure comfortable sitting and lying, the size and specifications should be ergonomic, the height should be bet

  • Multi functional sofa chair

    The multi-functional sofa series is worthy of its name and can perform many different functions. The sofa is not only used for home decoration, but also for many purposes. Sofas are increasingly meeti

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs for human body?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs for human body? 1. Proper use of massage chairs can improve the sleep quality of the human body, and can also play a role in strengthening

  • The sofa is a mass consumer product in furniture products

    "Sofa" is a foreign word, transliterating from the English word sofa. It is a multi seat chair with cushions. The armchair with spring or thick foam plastic is a kind of soft furniture. The sofa can b

  • What are the advantages of a lazy sofa?

    1. Good fabric: Generally speaking, the fabric selected for the lazy sofa is polyester-cotton canvas, which is more bright in color, will not have cotton balls, will not fade or deform, so it is welco

  • How to choose a lazy sofa?

    1. Look at the appearance: When purchasing a lazy sofa, look at its surface. Generally, a sofa with better quality has a relatively flat surface, and there will be no chromatic aberration. The poor qu

  • What are the characteristics of the lounge chair?

    1. The indoor leisure chairs are made of different materials. The leisure chairs of different materials have different characteristics. The leisure chairs have various functions. When placed in the ho

  • How are leisure chairs classified?

    1. According to the different occasions, leisure chairs can be divided into indoor leisure chairs and outdoor leisure chairs, or outdoor leisure chairs and indoor leisure chairs.   2. According to th

  • How should the lazy sofa be maintained and cleaned?

    Most of the fabric sofa coats are made of fine-staple cotton and linen, which has a better touch. The filler of the lazy sofa is Polylong particles (expanded polystyrene particles, also known as polys

  • What types of outdoor lounge chairs are there?

    1. Armchair The general term for back chairs with armrests, except for the round chairs and the top chairs, the rest are called armchairs. The styles and decorations range from simple to complex. They

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