How to choose a lazy sofa?

Update:Oct.19 2022
1. Look at the appearance: When purchasing a lazy sofa, look at its surface. Generally, a sofa with better quality has a relatively flat surface, and there will be no chromatic aberration. The poor quality sofa, its surface is uneven, and there will be obvious color difference.
2. Pick a brand: When buying a lazy sofa, you also need to look at its brand. Generally, the quality of the lazy sofa is relatively good, and its brand is relatively well-known, and the relative after-sales service is relatively complete. The poor quality lazy sofa, its brand awareness is general, and its after-sales service is not perfect.

3. Look at the workmanship: When purchasing a lazy sofa, in order to ensure its quality, check its workmanship when purchasing to see whether the stitches are fine and uniform, whether there is a situation in Kaixian, whether each edge is symmetrical, and whether there is any excess or missing. Happening. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the zipper of the lazy sofa cover is used smoothly and whether there is any paint peeling.
4. Trial sitting: When purchasing a lazy sofa, it is not the softer the better. It also needs to have support. It is uncomfortable to sit too softly. The support comes from the material and quantity of the filling, and it is guaranteed The support is not filled with too much padding, making it uncomfortable to sit up, so try it yourself.

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