How to use the adjustable sofa?

Update:Feb.17 2023
Adjustable sofas, also known as sleeper sofas or convertible sofas, are designed to be versatile and flexible pieces of furniture. Here are the basic steps to use an adjustable sofa:
Decide on the position: Most adjustable sofas have multiple positions, such as upright, reclined, or flat. Determine which position you want to use based on your needs.
Adjust the backrest: To adjust the backrest, locate the mechanism on the sofa that allows you to change the angle of the backrest. This may involve pulling a lever or pressing a button. Move the backrest to the desired position.

Designer lounge Chair with footrest MF-RLC-001
Adjust the armrests: Some adjustable sofas also have movable armrests. If you want to adjust the armrests, look for a mechanism that allows you to move them up or down, or in or out.
Use as a bed: If you want to use the adjustable sofa as a bed, pull out the mattress from the sofa and adjust it to the desired position. Some adjustable sofas have a separate mattress that needs to be pulled out, while others have a built-in mattress that can be unfolded.
Fold back into a sofa: When you are finished using the adjustable sofa, reverse the process by folding the backrest and mattress back into a sofa. Tuck in any loose bedding or pillows.
It's important to read the manufacturer's instructions for your specific adjustable sofa to ensure you use it correctly and avoid any damage or injury.

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