How long do lounge chairs last outside?

Update:Aug.17 2022
Many people who go to the park will not pay attention to the service life of the leisure chair, but more concerned about whether it can provide me with rest. Of course, the focus on this aspect is of course the personnel in the maintenance of park infrastructure, comparing items in public places, if not. With good management and maintenance, the service life will also be shortened. Today, let's talk about how many years the leisure chair can be used for?
First of all, when installing the chair, it must be placed correctly and reasonably, and the size of the grounding screw and grounding hole must be very important. The installation of the chair on the chair legs should also be tightened and not loosened. The distance and number of screws must be well matched.

The second is the daily care of chair legs and chair bars. The legs of the chair should be repainted regularly for reinforcement, and the damaged part of the chair pole should be replaced in time.
Third, install warning signs in conspicuous places to remind people to take care of public goods and build a good urban environment.
These are all things park officials are doing. For tourists, we cannot do anything to spoil them. Park lounge chairs not only provide convenience for outdoor people, but also add a lot of color to the beautification of the city. It's up to everyone to take care of the environment and these outdoor lounge chairs.

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