How to prevent deformation of leisure chairs?

Update:Aug.12 2022
There are many types of leisure chairs, including materials with strong sense of design, metal with good texture, and wood with good corrosion resistance. The leisure chairs of various materials make the public area very beautiful and beautiful, so the leisure chair is not a panacea. , When one end of time is used, the problem of deformation will occur according to the situation of use, but this deformation may be affected by its own material and environment, or it may be affected by human quality, so how to prevent deformation of leisure chairs Woolen cloth? The following small series will tell you about it.
1. The hardness of solid wood with uneven stress is not as good as that of metal. If something on the surface carries heavy loads for a long time, it will cause compaction and compression of the wooden structure, resulting in uneven deformation on both sides.​​
2. Uneven ground and uneven pressure have the same meaning. If the ground is uneven, one side of the park chair in the depression of the ground will be lower than the other side, which will affect the beauty and use experience of the park chair.
3. The interior of the wooden chair bar of the leisure chair contains a certain amount of moisture. The reason for soaking the anti-corrosion pool is to let the solid wood absorb the anti-corrosion liquid and form a protective film on the surface to lock or reduce the water loss in the solid wood. If it is in a humid environment for a long time, the rainwater will wash away the protective film and penetrate into the solid wood, and the solid wood will expand and deform.
4. The exposed lounge chair is exposed to the sun for a long time, the moisture of the wood is quickly lost, the internal structure changes, and it is easy to deform and crack. How to deal with the deformation of the park chair The deformation of the park chair is difficult to repair, so everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of the park chair.

Maintenance method
1. Purchase a qualified park chair product. Leisure chairs are generally treated with anti-corrosion, so the air-drying treatment of leisure chairs should meet the standards.
2. Just as the leisure chair above will deform due to uneven force, avoid heavy objects when using park chairs. The administrator can put a sign next to the lounge chair to remind people.
3. Outdoor leisure chairs should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.
4. After the rain, the keeper should dry the water on the surface of the park chair by hand and keep it clean.
5. Paint or wax park chairs regularly. When installing outdoor leisure chairs, there must be a correct method. Pay attention to some maintenance that will prevent the deformation of the leisure chair. The leisure chair also has a lifespan, and it needs to be replaced after a certain period of use. And maintenance methods should be helpful to everyone.

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