The sofa is a mass consumer product in furniture products

Update:Nov.04 2022
"Sofa" is a foreign word, transliterating from the English word sofa. It is a multi seat chair with cushions. The armchair with spring or thick foam plastic is a kind of soft furniture.

The sofa can be divided into functional sofa, fixed back sofa, infinite self-control sofa, pneumatic sofa (i.e. manual sofa), electric sofa and sofa with TV according to its function.

The sofa has become a necessary furniture for many families. The sofas sold on the market generally include low back sofas, high back sofas and ordinary sofas between the first two. Here are three characteristics for consumers to choose.

The low back sofa belongs to the rest type light chair. It supports the waist (lumbar spine) of the user with a support point. This kind of sofa has a low back height, which is generally about 370mm from the seat surface. The angle of the back is also small, which is not only conducive to rest, but also reduces the overall size of the sofa. This kind of sofa is convenient, light and small in floor area.

High back sofa: also called aviation seat. It is characterized by three fulcrums, so that the waist, shoulder and back of the brain simultaneously lean on the curved backrest.

Common sofa: it is a common kind of sofa for family use. This kind of sofa is mostly sold in the market. It has two supporting points to support the user's lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, and can achieve the effect of matching the curved surface with the back of the body.

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