What are the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs for human body?

Update:Nov.11 2022
What are the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs for human body?
1. Proper use of massage chairs can improve the sleep quality of the human body, and can also play a role in strengthening human immunity and relaxing muscles and activating collaterals, especially for the human body to relieve fatigue.

2. However, massage chairs are not suitable for all people. For people who are not suitable for massage chairs, they can be counterproductive. In serious cases, they may lead to sudden diseases, spinal cord damage and other consequences.

Which people are not suitable for massage chairs?
1. For pregnant women, children and the elderly, the use of massage chairs must not be used. The bones of pregnant women are very fragile during pregnancy. If they use massage chairs, the normal development of their babies will be affected, and even serious consequences such as abortion may occur.

2. The use of massage chairs by children will also affect the normal bone development of children. The bone development of children is very important. In the process of massage, the strength of massage chairs is relatively large, and children's bones can not afford such strength, and it is very easy to suffer from spinal cord damage and slow bone development.

3. The elderly are prone to osteoporosis. At the same time, the vast majority of the elderly also have heart disease, hypertension and other diseases. Once the massage chair is used incorrectly, sudden heart disease and high blood pressure may also occur.

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