What are the advantages of artificial plants?

Update:Dec.16 2022
1. The maintenance is simple, the branches and leaves of the simulated plants are not moldy, rotten, do not need to be watered, and do not breed mosquitoes and flies;
2. The simulated plants are not restricted by natural conditions such as sunlight, air, moisture, and seasons, and you can choose plant types as you like according to the needs of the site.
3. There is no need to water or fertilize, and there is no need to worry about plants withering and falling, which saves a lot of cost for future management.

假绿色植物和盆 Olive-l
4. The whole body is attached with anti-ultraviolet rays, anti-aging, and has the functions of anti-strong wind, pressure, aging, high temperature resistance, and high cold. The effect can be guaranteed for 2 years, and it can be replaced at will. The service life of the product is as high as 5-8 years ,forever Young.
5. It is less affected by the environment. Now most public places and offices use air conditioners, and the indoor light is often insufficient, so it is not easy to grow plants indoors, but it is easy to achieve this goal with simulated plants. The color of simulated plants can be kept bright, Will not wither and dry like plants and flowers.
6. Most artificial plants are not expensive, and some are still much cheaper than real flowers. They are easy to transport and carry: when you need to change the design and recombine, you can change different atmospheres.

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