How to choose an armchair

Update:Dec.09 2022
1. Try to see if it feels comfortable to sit on the chair. It is better if the arms can be placed on the table naturally.
2. Check whether the chair is firm. It is because the chair is frequently used. Just pay attention to the material and splicing method of the chair. Generally speaking, the traditional mortise and tenon structure is relatively strong, and the chair made of elm, beech and other wood is relatively strong.

3. In addition to the feeling of whether the chair shakes when you try to sit, you can also judge by observing whether there are scars or cracks on the chair legs. Materials with scars and cracks cannot be used for chair legs and supporting parts, otherwise it will seriously affect the use. life.
4. The armchair has the advantages of easy portability, light weight, etc., and the price is cheap; it is the first choice for travel products. It can be carried or carried. Wear-resistant and durable, suitable for gatherings, enjoying the cool, outdoor leisure, etc. Easy to open and close, small volume after storage, does not take up space, the stress points are all reinforced with leather, durable and wear-resistant. The general term for backrest chairs with armrests, Except armchairs and armchairs, the rest are called armchairs.

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