What types of outdoor lounge chairs are there?

Update:Sep.23 2022
1. Armchair
The general term for back chairs with armrests, except for the round chairs and the top chairs, the rest are called armchairs. The styles and decorations range from simple to complex. They are often matched with a coffee table. Four chairs and two tables are placed on both sides of the hall for a symmetrical display.
2. Massage chair
Massage can dredge the meridians, circulate qi and blood, and maintain the balance of yin and yang in the body. Therefore, after massage, you can feel that the muscles are relaxed and the joints are sensitive, which invigorates people and eliminates fatigue. The principle of the massage chair is to imitate manual massage, but it uses mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to knead for massage. The massage chair can use various massage methods such as shaking, acupressure, pinching, pushing and kneading to perform deep massage along the spine according to the curve of the human body. When a person sits in a massage chair and enjoys full body relaxation, it is as if someone is pounding their back and rubbing their shoulders.

3. Swivel chair
The upper part is not much different from the style of general chairs, but there is a rotating shaft part called "single leg" under the seat surface, so the human body can rotate left and right when sitting on it. The swivel chair appeared not too early, and it was a kind of chair that absorbed foreign styles earlier in our country's furniture.

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