How should the lazy sofa be maintained and cleaned?

Update:Sep.30 2022
Most of the fabric sofa coats are made of fine-staple cotton and linen, which has a better touch. The filler of the lazy sofa is Polylong particles (expanded polystyrene particles, also known as polystyrene foam particles).
Maintenance of creative lazy sofa:
1. Maintenance of leather lazy sofa
(1) The leather has strong absorption, so attention should be paid to antifouling. It is best to use leather softener once in spring and autumn. Do not rub vigorously when wiping the lazy sofa, so as not to damage the epidermis.
(2) If you find holes, tatters, or burns, you should ask a professional to clean it up.
(3) The leather lazy sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and should not be wiped or washed with water to avoid moisture, mildew and insects.
2. Maintenance of fabric lazy sofa
(1) Vacuum at least once a week, and pay attention to removing dead corners and dust accumulation between fabric structures.
(2) Prevent sharp objects such as knives and keys from stabbing the fabric, causing damage to the sofa cover.
(3) If the thread ends are found to be loose, do not break them by hand, but cut them neatly with scissors.
(4) Prevent flammable items such as cigarette butts from approaching the sofa, which may easily cause burns on the sofa coat.

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