Why should solid wood furniture be painted?

Update:Jul.21 2022
The number one benefit of painting solid wood furniture: protecting the wood
The hardness of solid wood furniture is relatively high, so it is easy to polish it to a smooth and moist hand, which is like jade to the touch. If it is directly exposed, it is easy to be scratched or worn out, losing the texture of jade, and painting it is equivalent to putting a layer of armor on the furniture.
"Beautiful wood is like jade, although its flaws do not hide its beauty, its perfect appearance is more worth seeing."
Even if it is made of the same wood, there are subtle color differences, just like the small flaws on beautiful jade, although not "fatal", but it greatly reduces the artistry.
The second biggest benefit of painting is like putting on a beautiful piece of clothing to make the furniture more perfect
"Beautiful wood is like a beauty, moist and gentle, and you can see the translucent texture."
The third advantage is to prevent wood deformation
The moisture content has a great influence on the stability of wood. Sealing the surface of the wood with paint can not only prevent the external moisture from quickly penetrating into the wood, but also prevent the internal moisture from evaporating too much, so that the internal and external communication of the wood can be carried out slowly and gently. Make sure the wood is not deformed.

The fourth great benefit of painting is that it keeps furniture looking new and lustrous with use
If the log is directly exposed to the air, it is easy to be corroded and oxidized and discolored. After painting, the wood does not come into direct contact with the air, and the fresh wood color will always be preserved.
The fifth benefit is that it feels more delicate and easier to clean and maintain
No matter how finely ground it is, it is impossible to seal the wood conduits, which tend to be a hoard of dirt and difficult to clean. After painting, the conduits are sealed and filled and can be cleaned up with a light wipe with a rag.

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