What should I do if the solid wood furniture is cracked?

Update:Jul.15 2022
Avoid direct sunlight on the furniture
In winter, solid wood furniture needs a humid environment to avoid long-term sunlight exposure to the whole or part of solid wood furniture. If it is baked by the sun for a long time, it is easy to cause local cracking and deformation of the wood. Therefore, it is best to place the furniture away from sunlight, or use translucent gauze curtains to separate from direct sunlight.
Of course, furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, because wood is easy to expand when wet, and it will deform and rot over time.
Reasonable ventilation time
In winter, the indoor humidity is higher than that of the outdoors. Therefore, opening windows for ventilation in winter will only allow the cold air from outside to come in, making the room drier. Therefore, in winter, the time and frequency of opening windows for ventilation should be reduced, the indoor humidity should be maintained, and solid wood furniture should be avoided at the ventilation openings.
Wipe furniture with care essential oils
In winter, the air humidity is relatively low, and the interior is relatively dry. The key to maintaining furniture is to remove the dryness. Wooden furniture needs to be kept moisturised with a professional furniture care essential oil. Furniture care essential oils can effectively lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the wood from cracking and deforming, and nourish the wood at the same time.
Water and oil balance, "waxing" don't be lazy
Just like the skin, it cannot be dehydrated nor oily. The moisture of solid wood furniture cannot be maintained only by maintaining the appropriate indoor air humidity, but also by regularly waxing to lock the moisture in the wood, effectively preventing the furniture from cracking and deforming, and making the furniture replay its brilliance and beauty as new. But remember, don't wax too often.
Also, an easy way to cover up scratches and dents is to use a cotton ball or paintbrush and apply a similar color shoe polish to the surface of the furniture. To remove water stains, use clean absorbent paper to spread on the water stains, and then lightly iron them with an iron to remove them.
Keep away from heat sources such as heaters
In winter, the weather is freezing cold, and every family will have their own heaters in order to keep warm. Sometimes in order to get closer to the heat source, the heater is pulled to the side of the solid wood furniture unknowingly. As everyone knows, long-term high temperature baking will easily cause the wood to lose moisture, local dry cracks, deformation, and deterioration of the paint film. It is best to place solid wood furniture at least one meter away from the heater.
Although solid wood furniture is good, the price is generally not cheap. If you do not pay attention to proper maintenance, the loss caused by cracking and other situations is very distressing. So be sure to keep these maintenance tips in mind, keep things like cracking away from your solid wood furniture, and let yourself and your family enjoy a comfortable "home" life.

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