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Update:Nov.25 2022
Folding sofa selection points
(1) The style color is unified with the main color;
(2) To ensure comfortable sitting and lying, the size and specifications should be ergonomic, the height should be between 35-42 cm, and the seat depth should be between 48-55 cm
(3) Take into account the dual functions of sofa and bed, high-quality sponge and good elasticity, and the cushion should not be too soft.
(4) The flexibility of the folding sofa, etc.

Plain foldable recliner, adjustable floor-to-ceiling lazy recliner, single sofa 4A-50
The advantages of folding sofa beds save space. Various changes can be used as sofas or beds, with many functions. Easy to transport, saving time and effort. Sleep softly and comfortably. The disadvantage of folding sofa bed is not good for the growth and development of bones. Especially bad for the spine. Still others sleep on soft beds or have dreams, or even nightmares. The craftsmanship of the sofa bed is truly fascinating. Always changing the whole daybed for a different Tianyi is another feeling. When choosing, it is best to match the overall style of the house. Better to buy a few more pieces of cloth and change them in turn. The market remains fresh. For small families, it is a very suitable choice to put a folding sofa bed at home. The sofa separates the two functions of the sofa and lying on the bed, maximizing the space saving.
Folding sofa bed classification
1. The double folding sofa is suitable for the living room and bedroom. It can not only sit, but also can be opened as a bed, which not only saves space, but also saves time and energy during transportation. The appearance is also very beautiful.
2, Single folding sofa bed sheet Folding sofa bed is suitable for placement in the study, balcony, etc., reflecting the sense of fashion, the traditional decoration such as study or balcony is monotonous and rigid, the material is soft, and it is more convenient to sit up.

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